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Fun! Check out the Polish artist's other works on
his website and go here for some of his poster art

A History of Mother's Day

Who woulda thought Mother's Day has bee around for thousands and millions of years?

"Ancient Greeks celebrated Rhea, the mother of the gods, while ancient Romans had a holiday to celebrate Cybele, a mother goddess. The tradition of celebrating mothers in springtime can be traced back to the celebrations of the goddess Brigid, which occurred at the first milk of the ewes."

Read the rest of the history here

Facing Ali Trailer

Trailer Addict synopsis:
Three-time World Heavyweight Champion Muhammad Ali defeated almost every top fighter of the golden age of boxing and symbolized the sport for generations of fans. Now, ten of his acclaimed rivals pay tribute to perhaps the world’s most beloved and inspiring athlete in FACING ALI, a riveting documentary from director Pete McCormack (Uganda Rising) and producer Derik Murray (Legends of Hockey).

Coming Soon

Former Founder and CEO has developed an iPhone application powerful enough to make credit card transactions. Code named Squirrel, here's what TechCrunch revealed about the app:

It’s a service that allows anyone with an iPhone to become a merchant. Just like the wireless credit card swipers you see at certain shops and restaurants, you can carry around your iPhone and take payments. Apparently, the idea is that this will allow any individual to take credit card payments on a mobile device, kind of like what PayPal does for the web.

In other news, my BlackBerry has Google Maps :-/

Nick Cannon is Not Very Happy With Eminem

Eminem rips Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon on “Bagpipes from Baghdad,” on his new album Relapse. Slim Shady and Mariah were rumored to have dated in the past. She has denied the relationship.

Cannon responded to lyrics that include: I can’t imagine hat’s going through your mind after such a nasty breakup with that Latin hunk Luis Miguel,” Em raps n reference to the diva’s ex-boyfriend. “Nick Cannon better back the fuck up/ I’m not playin’/ I want her back you punk.

with a lengthy response that read in its entirety here:

Well, well, well. Fresh off the plane with my wife from our second honeymoon on the beautiful secluded islands of the Maldives and what do I find in my email box? A mediocre (at best) Eminem record that sounds like it was written in 2001. At first I thought it was old material that had been dug up from when dude “fantasized” about having a pretend fling with Mariah. I was thinking to myself, “Hey that was before me so it is really none of my business, so I’m going to give him a pass.”

So as I continued to semi enjoy Marshall’s rhyme scheme and flow, I mean let’s be honest dude used to be incredible. He was a witty lyrist with dope delivery and timing. Some even say, one of the best to ever do it. I had nothing but respect for this dude. But all of a sudden I hear my name in the verse! My first reaction was like, “This is his new shit??? Wow, that’s too bad…” Then I felt sorry for him because he must really be stuck in the past. Not only has his music not evolved, but also homeboy is still obsessed with my wife, the same female that wouldn’t let him get to second base from 8 years ago! He even describes his desperate lameness in this bad excuse for storytelling track. That’s some real middle school shit right there! (What type of grown ass man lies about getting with a chick) Only Slim Lamey! LOL!

Good Morning

Classy, Torii

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Awkward Family Portraits

Check the rest out here

Eminem- Relapse

Get it while it's hot (and still up):



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NJ Nick's Wrestleropedia

[ed. note: I started editing, then stopped editing. I think it's better this way]

The Greats

Hulk Hogan-The greatest wrestler of all time, I don't care what people say. Best Hero and Best villain ever he made wrestling popular twice and made it mainstream. In the 80's he came off of rocky 3 and him and Vince McMahon made wrestling into one of the most popular things around. Hogan beat the Iron Sheik and held the title for 5 years taking on Andre the Giant in maybe most famous wrestling match ever at Wrestle Mania 3. Some of these so called wrestling experts (Internet nerds) say Hogan was a poor wrestler. It has nothing to do with that- at his height in the mid 80's-early 90's, fans wanted to see him win and wanted to see him beat the bad guy with a leg drop. He was a super hero.....and you believed in him. His interviews were awesome. I can remember being 8 years old. getting ready to see him take on Savage at WM5. He just made you believe it was real and everything was on the line brother.

The Warrior and Hulk went at it in WM 6 in good guy vs good guy. It was there were he tried to past the torch. As I became a teenager, his act started getting old. It lasted almost 10 years, and then, in WCW, he turned into a bad guy turning on Savage and WCW and becoming a part of the NWO as Hollywood and he became one of the best heels ever. The heat that was generated towards Hogan was huge, it but also you respected how cool this group was because they had attitude. Now this brought wrestling back to the mainstream ............WCW became the top dog so this forced WWF to create new stars with attitude and then came Stone Cold and the Rock.............Hulk Hogan is the greatest pro wrestler of all times great on the mic great in the ring because he played his part to the thr good or bad guy learn something young bucks which you gonna do when the 24 inch pythons run wild on you

Macho Man Randy Savage- Would have been the greatest and most popular wrestler of all times if not for Hogan. Awesome in the ring his matches were always good. His mic skills classic always made you laugh even if he was a bad guy. His jealous rage for anyone who looked at Elizabeth was classic and his hatred for hogan is great. Ohhhhhh YEEAAAAAAAAH is all you need say in a deep raspy voice and everybody knows who your talking about dig it. Savage came to the WWF in the 80's to become a top bad guy and he did just that grabbing miss Elizabeth as a smoking hot 80's chick as his manager and taking on feuds with George the animal steel and Ricky steamboat........steamboat and savage had maybe the best match ever at WM3 youtube it trust me..........he then became a good guy and started a tag team friendship with Hulk Hogan this pushed him to new heights soon with hogans help he would win the WWF title at WM4 in a tourney it was an awesome moment for a year hogan and savage breaking up built up and the mega powers finally exploded at WM5 it ended there with hogan winning .....savage and hogan went at it for some time then he had feuds with dusty Rhodes the warrior Ric flair and then a awesome and scary one with Jake the Snake ..........he then jump ship with hogan to WCW and help them become big as hogan turned on him to start NWO then Savage joined NWO and had wars with flair again and ddp all and all prob my favorite wrestler ever... hogan needed savage in my opinion the 2nd biggest star from the 80's and 90's snap into a slim jim Ohh Yeaaah
Ric Flair Wooooooooooo" to be the man you have to beat the man" Flair was maybe the best in ring wrestler of all times. And was awesome on the mic as well. WOOOOOOO the Nature Boy carried NWA/WCW for years winning the world title like 15 times. He and Sting were the other guys from the other league not named wwf in the 80's but Flair would always catch your attention when he interviewed letting you know that the 4 horsemen were styling and profiling all night long wooooo. Flair came to WWF in 92 and brought his world title and instantly was build up by bobby the brain and Mr perfect as the real champ and was going to take on hogan in an 80's dream match they did wrestle but never in the main event like they were supposed too Flair did win the wwf belt and then had a great feud with Savage he eventually went back to WCW and was there during its boom period taking on the NWO and giving some great and funny interviews he is one of the greats
The Rock - IF YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING .....the rock maybe the funniest guy ever in wwf. The Peoples Elbow, The Peoples Eyebrow, Rudy_poo candy ass.... and just thinking of some of his lines is making me laugh. When he went to movies the majority of people stop watching he was the last great one. The Rock came into wwf as Rocky Mavia and the fans hated him then the WWF let him change his imagine into a trash talking bad guy who had monster feuds with Stone Cold. This was the 2nd great era in WWF this was when nudity and cursing was all over the monday night raw and the rock helped bring the wwf back and beat out wcw. He soon became one of the most popular wrestlers of all times fans would chant his name and scream his catch phases if only he would come back i might watch again he is the great one
Stone Cold Steve Austin - A beer drinking pissed off redneck who beat up his boss. He help bring wrestling back to the mainstream in the late 90's in a whole new way by having a feud with his boss Vince McMahon he would come to the ring talk give the finger stun you and then drink 12 beers he was every 18-35 olds hero injuries shorted his career but for a period he was as big as hogan in the 80's with a whole different style why because stone cold said so oh hell yeah ....every Monday night you would to hear that glass break and see him walk to the ring and open up a can of whip ass
Andre the Giant - the 8th wonder of the world maybe the most recognizable wrestler before the boom of the 80's and then the hulksters biggest challenge. Many people don't realize that Andre was a very big fan favorite but then he turned on Hogan and joined bobby the brain and it created one of the most anticipated matches ever. His stories are legendary apparently Andre could drink 50 beers 2 bottles of jack eat 12 hamburgers and hot dogs and still be sober and hungry one of the biggest and beloved men ever
Shawn Michael's - the heartbreak kid was a scrawny guy with a mullet as a part of the rockers but then became a bad guy and kicked Marty jannetty through a mirror on the barber shop he then went on to put on classic matches with razor ramon ladder match and bret hart in a crazy feud that ended in a real life screw job before brett left for wcw........he then stayed with wwf and helped bring all kinds of wild stuff to TV with DX using lines like suck it and pointing to his privates ...he always puts on fun matches
Ultimate Warrior- One of the coolest looks and gimmicks of all times no doubt about it he was a jacked and tan monster with cool 80's hair and awesome face paint he wore flashy colors and ran to the ring like a crazy person once he was in the ring he would run around shake the ropes pound his chest and beat people in 10 seconds (like the honky tonk man at summerslam 89) He was the most popular guy of the early 90's besides hogan and at WM6 might have passed hogan in popularity with a huge win ..........after that warrior had all kinds of issues ...rumors of him being dead after he was actually fired for steroid abuse still go on to this day. There were never two warriors as wwf finally confirmed years later just a couple of suspensions for steroid use and money hold outs when the warrior came back 3 times he always looked smaller and he never gained the popular status he did back in his hay day its a sad sad thing because he could have been one of the best
Sting - also a very cool look in the 80's and 90's the most popular wrestler never to wrestle in wwf.......in the 80's he had the cool face paint like the warrior and cool 80's spiked hair always fighting flair. in the 90's he took on the look of the crow with black and white face paint he did not wrestle for like a year he just came from the rafters and beat up the nwo the stinger was awesome
Roddy Roddy Pipper- one of the craziest guys ever with bag pipes playing and wearing a kilt the hot rod was one of hogans first villains he was easily the most hated wrestler in the mid 80's after beating snuka up and then going after hogan each week on his pipers pit .....he also fought mr.t in a boxing match wm3 he was one the big names of the 80's in the 90's he was in and out of wrestling but would always make come backs and get the crowd going his interviews were always wild youtube him talking trash about bad news brown or anybody for that matter
Brett "The Hitman" Hart- the excellence of execution the sharp shooter one half of a great tag team the hart foundation then became a great singles wrestler. a lot of people feel he was the best in ring wrestler ever he was the follow up act to hogan after hogan left for wcw so it was a tough act to follow but he held the wwf title a number of times and had all time great feuds with austin and shawn michales...........the montreal screw job which turned out to be a real life thing as Vince McMahon made the bell ring so michales can win the wwf title because Brett was leaving for wcw and brett went nuts punching vince out backstage .......he was great in the ring never really was able to generate the excitement of some the bigger guys
The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiese- everybody's got a price money money money money was his theme music followed by an awesome laugh the millon dollar man came on to the scene in the late 80's buying everything he had an African American man servant virgil which now could never work do to PC and he tried buying everything including the wwf title when he could not buy that by using andre the giant he made his own belt the million dollar belt one of the best bad guys ever
Jake the Snake Roberts - with his snake Damian and his ddt jake the snake was one of the best good and bad guys ever. He always creeped opponents out with his snake scaring the likes of andre the giant and ravishing rick rude..........him and his snake damien were loved until Damien was crushed by earthquake then it seemed jake took a turn for the worst by turning into one of the scariest bad guys ever he attacked macho man randy savage and elizbeth at there wedding and he also slapped her and had his new snake bite savage it was gruesome tv back in the early 90's
Ravishing Rick Rude -for all you fat overpaid losers from NJ take a look a real man the ravishing one was one of the true great bad guys of his day he won the IC title and had a good feud with the Warrior he always knew how to stir up the crowd and his tights always had some funny lines on it he also was one of the first to go from DX on wwf tv to the next night being on the NWO on wcw tv
Mr. Perfect - simply perfect mr. perfect came into the wwf with so much hype he had little commercials showing him hitting half court shots drilling home runs with wade boggs he was the perfect athlete another IC champion who had great matches every time in the ring also was a great manger to rick flair when he came over the perfect plex one of the best finishing moves ever
Undertaker-the dead man maybe the only guy wrestling that i know today came into the wwf and scared the crap out of every little kid he littlerly made you believe he was going to kill hogan and the warrior and bury them. He spoke few words and he was supposed to be some super human man who paul bearer would control with his urn. He was the fastest rising bad guys ever he tombstone his way to the wwf title. He scared people for years and had feuds with everyone hogan, hitman, warrior, heartbreak kids, jake the snake, austin, the rock, triple hhh all who rested in peace
Sgt Slaughter - huge jaw who was the drill Sargent who loved his country and American was always on g.i. joe he then came back in the early 90's to betray American and become a middle eastern iraq solider the feud way ahead of its time saw him hate on American and take on hogan for the the wwf title the sarge was always a tough sob
Legion of Doom- the best tag team ever Road Warrior Hawk and Road Warrior Animal
Kevin Nash/Diesel- Diesel was wwf champ then went to wcw and help start the NWO was nicknamed big sexy and help bring cool trash talk to the wrestling scene in the 90's
Demolition-here comes the axer and the smasher one of the best tag teams ever great face paint and dominated the tag team scene in the late 80's early 90's wwfs best tag era
Honky Tonk Man-greatest IC champ ever so he says he was a elvis look a like who would dance and sing on his way to the ring great gimmick
Greg "The Hammer" Valentine- had great matches against everyone in the 80's his big elbow was the hammer he teamed with the honky tonk man he was the master of the figure four as well
The Steiner Brothers-Scott Steiner and Rick Steiner - this tag team was big in wcw/nwa for years held tag belts in wwf as well Rick would always bark Scott became the Big Poppa Pump a roided out freak who loved the ladies but had funny interviews in the late 90's great duo in and out of the ring
British Bulldog - ic champion great tag wrestler with the bulldogs and his dog matilda a big part of the hart foundation as well
Ricky the Dragon Steamboat-crazy high flying moves one of the best matches ever against savage and had great wars with flair in wcw
Tito Santana - he won the ic title and always had great matches tag or singles and he should sue bobby the brain heenen for all the times the brain would make fun of mexicans when he was in the ring haha
Hacksaw Jim Duggan-hoooooooooooo with his 2 by 4 always got the crowd hyped and always fought hard in the ring he won the first royal rumble hoooooooooo tough guy
Mr. Wonderful Paul Ordonoff- the guy was jacked had a big feud with hogan in the 80's and really got little kids hating him and his cool robes
Jim the Anvil Neighthardt- one half of a great tag team the hart foundation he had a great goatee and awesome laugh in his wild interviews
Scott Hall-Razor Ramon-the bad guy ooozing machismo throwing toothpicks at people as razor then invaded wcw and started the NWO which help bring wrestling back
Dusty Rhodes -huge in wcw/nwa in the 80's then became the common man in wwf and had some good fights with savage and you cant forget his manager saphfire and his jiggly body
Brutis the Barber Beefcake - he would cut your hair after he put you to sleep with the sleeper hold another top good guy until he got hurt in the late 80s in a boating accident
Bam Bam Bigelow- big guy who was awesome in the ring very athletic had crazy tattoos all over and cool tights he wrestled LT in a WM main event
Big John Stud- huge dude who had good feuds with Ande the Giant won a royal rumble in 89
Big Boss Man- your serving hard time.....one half of the twin towers had good feud with hogan
HHH- DX member that's when he was cool had great matches in the late 90's he is big time now but i don't think he will ever become a legend
123 Kid- X Pac -high flying kid who turned into a member of both DX and NWO had some funny moments during those times
Arn Andreson - one half of the brain busters and a huge part of the 4 horsemen in wcw
Mankind -Mick Foley - a guy who would do anything in the ring get hit with nails tires barbwire the hard core legend ......was a real big the wwfs comeback in the late 90's
Lex Luger- the guy was jacked and was underrated as one of the top guys in wcw for so many years wwf tried to make him a star in wwf with the lex express and was funny as the narcissist
Superfly Jimmy Snuka-jumping off a steel cage head first might be one of the great moments ever or when piper beat him with a coconut always fun to watch even at 70 now
Akeem- or one man gang he was in a tag team with big boss man the twin towers and had some memorable moments in the ring against the mega powers slick and him would rap in interviews haha
Bad News Brown - just a bad a*s from the streets great bad guy in the early 90's he was before his time hated everyone had an edge to him
Earthquake- came out of the crowd as a fat fan and then broke hogans ribs almost causing him to retire him and typhoon formed a very big and bad tag team
Bob Backland - held the title before hogan a good wholesome guy was his role until he turned into a great bad guy in the 90's cross face chicken wing haha
Iron Sheik - great heel in the early 80's played the mid east guy to perfection with his long boots and crazy iraq talk
George "the animal" Steel- a crazy person who ate the ring post and loved miss Elizabeth very hairy dude
King Kong Buddy - a big man who just looked like a regular big guy at a bar who could break your ribs and thats what he did too hogan... one of heenens family memebers
Owen Hart/Blue Blazer-owen was great in the ring and really played the little brother act awesome too brett..rip
Chris Jericho - the walls of jericho another home grown wcw talent that turned into a big wwf bad guy during the wwf vs wcw days
The Bushwackers- one of the funniest tag teams ever but really held there own in the late 80's during wwfs great tag team era luke and butch mate
Barry Windam - a part of the horsemen great tag team wrestler in the 80's and singles guy in wcw
DDP- BANG .......one of wcw only home grown starts the diamond cutter
Sid Justice - Pyscho Sid was crazy on the mic a huge man who always took on top dogs like hogan hbk sting undertaker were ever he went but it always seemed he come in during down periords so he is lower then some people think
Yokozunia - wwf champ and very athelitic for being a hot messs bunzi mr. fujis top bad guy during the early brett hart era
Hercules - a huge dude who carried a big chain and help put guys like the warrior on the map with there early battles
Kurt Angle - in ring skills awesome real olympic champion and he played the d bag awesome
Dino Bravo- the candian strong man great bad guy to put up against the hogans and warriors because of his strenth
New Age Outlaws - if you didnt know your a&s better call somebody top tag team in the late 90's
Texas Tornado- Kerry Von Erich IC champ in the wwf during the hey day had a similar built to the Warrior but better in ring skills
Big Show - the late 90's version of Andre a big dude who could move WCW and WWF champ
Rey Mysterio Jr. - one the most succesful small wrestlers ever in wcw he made light weights cool
Eddie Gurreio - high flying guy who brought mexican style to the mainstream
Don "The Rock" Marocco- a monster who was at one point a top bad guy then a top good guy in the 80's
Koko B Ware- the bird man great piledriver cool gimmick frankie was a cool bird was a high flyer in the ring
Rick the Model Martel- one half of strike force his arogance spray and late 80's look was great awesome wrestler as well
Jeff Jarrett - using his gutiar and double j gimmick now owner of tna
Flying Brian Pillman - a complete nut case who had awesome moves in the air
Powers of Pain-barbian and warlord two of the biggest dudes in the world would kill it now
Great Muta - most time in japan but came to wcw and spit green stuff in peoples face
Vader - big man who had awesome moves its vader time
Haku/Ming- was part of the heenen family and a tag team with andre he would scream wild noises in the ring during matches
Harley Race- king harly race had epic matches in nwa
Kamala- crazy big fat guy with cool makup from africa
Booker T - what now sucka was his famous line one half of harlem heat became a very good singles wrestler in the late 90's
Managers and Broadcasters
Mean Gene Okerland
Jessie the Body
Gorilla Monsoon
Bobby the Brain Heenen
Vince Mcmahon
Tony Shavonne
Mike Tenay
Jim Ross
Jerry the King Lawler
Howard Finkle
Superstar Billy Graham
Miss Elizabeth
Senonsational Sherri
Captain Lou
Classy Freddie Blassie
Jimmy Hart
Mr Fuji
Harvey Wiplemen
Paul Bearer
The Not So great
The Montie
Papa Shango/Godfather
Marty Jannety
Buff Bagwell
Repo Man
Hillbilly Jim
Red Roaster
Brokylin Brawler
Disco Inferno
Barry Horiwitz
Brother Love
Duke the Dumpster
Val Venis
Baston Booger
The Genius
Giant Gonelzes
Amand Johnson

Presidents: They're Just Like Us

One Month Till Conan Return

God, I hate Leno

Vanity Fair Feature on Jessica Simpson

The cover story chronicles the rise and fall of the pop singer. Papa Joe comes off pretty creepy in this one:

Jessica was still wearing the purity ring, so Nick, presumably, was a frustrated man. They broke up and would have stayed so if not for … “After 9/11, I knew that I never, ever wanted to be away from Nick for the rest of my life,” Simpson told a reporter. They hugged through the aftermath like survivors in a disaster movie and were married in October 2002. In the wedding video (the ceremony was photographed and filmed by InStyle), Joe Simpson looks pained. This was not the plan. First, there was the matter of control. As it says in the Bible in re marriage and parents: leave and cleave. Then there was Jessica as a pop commodity, with no small value as an object of sexual fantasy, a value, as any manager of talent can tell you, that diminishes if said commodity is married. This is not how Joe Simpson phrased it. He spoke instead of his own early marriage and of not wanting his daughter to make the same mistake, but I think he scowls in the pictures—in part, anyway—for the same reason Brian Epstein told the Beatles to date around and be free.
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