Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Vanity Fair Feature on Jessica Simpson

The cover story chronicles the rise and fall of the pop singer. Papa Joe comes off pretty creepy in this one:

Jessica was still wearing the purity ring, so Nick, presumably, was a frustrated man. They broke up and would have stayed so if not for … “After 9/11, I knew that I never, ever wanted to be away from Nick for the rest of my life,” Simpson told a reporter. They hugged through the aftermath like survivors in a disaster movie and were married in October 2002. In the wedding video (the ceremony was photographed and filmed by InStyle), Joe Simpson looks pained. This was not the plan. First, there was the matter of control. As it says in the Bible in re marriage and parents: leave and cleave. Then there was Jessica as a pop commodity, with no small value as an object of sexual fantasy, a value, as any manager of talent can tell you, that diminishes if said commodity is married. This is not how Joe Simpson phrased it. He spoke instead of his own early marriage and of not wanting his daughter to make the same mistake, but I think he scowls in the pictures—in part, anyway—for the same reason Brian Epstein told the Beatles to date around and be free.

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