Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dear Zachary: The Craziest Documentary I Have Ever Seen

Basic premise:
Crazed woman kills boyfriend after he breaks up with her,
Flees to Canada where they drag their heels on the extradition back to the U.S.,
Woman announces she is pregnant with victim's son,
Best friend/filmmaker decides to document his life, interviewing friends/family/etc.,
Then everything goes completely haywire.

MSNBC aired this a few months ago (part 1 is here), but if you are looking for something to add to your Netflix queue, I recommend picking Dear Zachary . It is jarring:

"Stamping it bluntly, Dear Zachary is one of the best documentaries I've ever seen and I am not prone to such hyperbolic statements. Kurt Kuenne has remarkably turned this into a furious lightning bolt of reminiscence and outrage that is going to reach into each viewer's chest and squeeze their heart like a tomato in a vice. Dear Zachary unfolds like a masterful thriller that never loses respect for the wake its tragedies have left. And still, by the end when we're exhausted and ready to collapse under the weight of our tears and anger, Kuenne has created an absolute love letter to the art of's the best documentary of its kind probably since Errol Morris' The Thin Blue Line. This is Oscar-worthy material and hopefully enough people on the committees will see it and cast a vote for next year." - Erik Childress,

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