Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jason Kendall Sucks at Baseball

As I watched the dynamic duo of Jon Miller and Joe Morgan ruminate on how bad the Milwaukee Brewers catcher is in tonight's Sunday Night Baseball telecast, I had flashbacks similar to the end of The Sixth Sense remembering just how bad he was on the Oakland Athletics.

He is hitless in 15AB this season. He hit .242 and .246 with a total of 5 home runs in '07 and '08, respectively. He is so bad that I made my friend be Jason Kendell while I was the fake Barry Bonds (Reggie Stocker) in home run derby MLB06 PS2 (I still lost, I am the Jason Kendall of video gamers). Not that I NEEDED validation, but I Googled "Jason Kendall sucks" and here's what I found in some of the first few results:

Danny's Blog: Does Jason Kendall Suck?

In closing, Jason Kendall sucks balls, and will be a giant black hole for the Brewers all year. Or until he is replaced. ..

Cubs Acquire Jason Kendall
Cubs got Jason Kendall for FREE (basically) Rob Bowen was sent to the A's .... Kendall sucks. But if he's better than the other options you guys have then ...

Why the 2009 Milwaukee Brewers Will Suck
Bleacher Nation ...Jason Kendall sucks both at and behind the plate. Bill Hall vanished last year, and now he’s hurt or something, leaving someone like Mike Lamb to start at ..

Baseball Toaster: Catfish Stew : Kid Kendall
My five-year-old daughter decided early in the season that Jason Kendall was ... her dad thinks that player sucks

By the way, Kendall makes $5 million a year

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  1. Royals fans now know that Jason Kendall does truly suck


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