Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Roid Ball

Addicting Games decided to steal the idea my friend Jaiah and I had in college to create a video game where the protagonist uses steroids.

Our game would start out with this nerdy kid who gets picked on by all the bigger guys at school, including the most roided-up, bacne'd linebacker. In the each level, the hero has to fight increasingly big kids from school and steal their creatine, HGH, and so on until he's huge enough to beat up the guys who have the good stuff like Winstrol or Danabol on their person. Once he's jacked and raging out of control, Roid Man takes on the linebacker to win the heart of the slutty cheerleader.

Unfortunately, neither of us knew anything about Flash, programing or basically anything that would have let us realize our dream of creating "Roid Man". So here is the next best thing, I guess. Compete in home run derby as Josie Conswaco, Berry Bombs, Marky McWeird (among others) and choose whether or not he's training on the juice. You might hit more home runs, but watch out for random drug tests!

(credit: deadspin)

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