Thursday, February 26, 2009

A conversation

Kate: did i tell you about the guy from the sunburnt cow that night
that you came out with us
me: no
Kate: ha oh my god
do you remember that british guy that was talking ot me
me: nope
Kate: well anyway he like wouldnt leave me alone
3:42 PM and i was ignoring him and being bitchy as usual and to entertain myself making weird faces at this guy sitting across the bar
me: haha i dont remember this brit at all
Kate: ha well i kept accusing him of talking in a fake accent and telling him to stop bc i found it extremely irritating
3:43 PM and he was like what do you mean this is my voice and i kept being like i dont believe you, go away
ha so i finally end up leaving and he corners me for my phone number
and i was like oh my god leave me alone
but just gave it to him so he'd shut up
3:44 PM and i left
and he comes running out of the bar chasing after me and my roommates
me: did he call
Kate: bc he thought i had given him the wrong number
and goes up to aylin
and double checks my number with her
and when he found out i had given him the right number
does that like thing where he punches the air and screams yes
me: oh my god
Kate: so he texts me like a few days later
3:45 PM and is like hey its angus (ew on the name...all i think of is that fat kid from the movie angus)
the guy that chased you out of the sunburnt cow want to get a drink this week
and i was like no im not here im around next week
3:46 PM but i kept blowing him off
Kate: so i never ended up going out with him

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