Thursday, February 26, 2009


This topic is as tired as my grandma, but I've noticed a little
conspiracy going on in the Mac world. As a PC user, I'm obviously A) jealous and B) poor, but one there is one glaring difference that cannot be ignored any longer:

Mac users will go to great lengths to hide their computers problems, whereas PC users will be more than forthcoming.

Through a unscientific poll with a sample size of about 5, I have
determined that just about every Mac user who has owned their laptop for over 1 year is experiencing some malfunction or another. Maybe your little power magnet's pole switched from North to South. Or maybe your Safari has been infected with Malaria. That's not really the issue. The issue is that every Mac user is now and forever bound to a lifetime of sticking with the Apple brand. Reverting back to a PC is like going back to college to get a degree in sociology- in other words, an admission of failure. Admitting any shortcoming or inefficiency isn't just a blow to a psyche, but a rather blow to an entire brand whose reputation is as pearly white as its monitors.

Therefore, Mac users will go to great lengths to safeguard the reputation of their beloved brand by minimizing the use of us outsiders. Rarely are us plebes allowed to do more than select the next track on the Mac user's iTunes playlist. Venture out to another colorful and bouncy icon at your own risk. If you struggle, don't think for a minute that it will be attributed to anything other than your ineptitude understanding the Fisher-Price easy Mac, idiot.

Now no one is doubting the superiority of a Mac Book over a Vista infested HP. I curse my computer every day, from it's buffering to it's overheating of my "lap". But I take pride preempting every time I hand off my computer to someone else with, "Just so you know, my computer sucks." The sooner Mac users can admit their computers are not the infallible overlords we are made to believe, the sooner we will stop hating them.

A) & B)

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