Friday, February 27, 2009

A Letter From Jason's Mom

Dear Jason,

Dad and I had a talk this morning, remembering our conversation with Ben. We believe that Ben brought up that there are a lot of gay in SF, but we said we heard about 40%. Then, I DID SAY, "I don't think Jason is gay, he is to much a sports jock, gym and golf. Ha Ha" It was a joke, as we all laughed and agreed.

So how Ben could get that to Emile and Emile twist it to a total other think as "I think you are gay is absurd. He is absurd. It only shows they are still kids, school kids; no growing up at all yet that much. When they get out and work like real people, they will know what it is really like. I damn both the boys for carrying a simple conversation meaning no harm, to that level, all the way across the country. I won't talk to any of them for sure, for sure! I'll just keep it to the adults I am friends with.

You are still my son, who I love no matter what, handicapped, speechless, injured, gay, not gay,
or blind.


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