Monday, March 23, 2009

Door Closed Quickly on This One

In honor of my old roommate heading out to Los Angeles to sell ELEVATORS, I thought I would share some really lame banter on the move. I thought this would go on forever. It didn't.

me: my friend dan is gonna be an elevator salesman
Erin: so many jokes for that
me: he was in iowa for training and was to be placed somewhere in the us
he got Los Angeles
Erin: woosh he lucked out
"Hi Dan are sales up or down?"
how do you SELL elevators
me: who knows
Erin: "I see you have more than one floor here. ever consider
not having to walk up and down the stairs?"
i need to hear this sales pitch
me: lets just hope he pushes the right buttons on his sales pitch
Erin: or he'll get shafted
me: i am already out of elevator puns
maybe its not the comedy gold mine you thought it was

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