Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tournament Thoughts

1. It feels like Jay Bilas is announcing from multiple cities.

2. The consensus is now that everybody hates Nic Cage. What a waste of a cool fake name.

3. The FG% of 14 footers is about 25% in this tournament.

4. Drinkability commercials shamelessly rip of Southwest "wanna get away?" commercials.

5. The middle pack of the ACC has been pretty embarrassing.

6. The PAC-10 hasn't.

7. Every financial and car commercial is some form of depressing. Even the ones with Howie Long.

8. East Tennessee State would have beat Pittsburgh if they made free throws.

9. By all accounts the new Sprint Center is awesome, but Kansas City's only claim to fame is that its equidistant to both coasts.

10. It's wise of the Sports Guy to avoid covering college sports.

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