Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tournament Thoughts 2

1. Hugh Jackman probably took steroids for Wolverine.

2. IBM and Exxon are going to fix the world.

3. The ratio of Sonic commercials I've seen to Sonic stores I've seen is 5,000:0.

4. Is it so hard to remove the NBA 3-pt. line from the courts?

5. If you picked Clemson or FSU to reach the Sweet 16, you are stupid.

6. I am stupid.

7. No sport tops basketball in sexual innuendo (ball-handing, sweet stroke, etc.)

8. Some one in the Villanova coaching organization probably has ties to the mob.

9. The Haunting is Connecticut is redundant. Right people? High five anyone?

10. Nothing pleases Jay Bilas.

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