Saturday, March 14, 2009

What the Hell Happened to My Facebook Page?

What in Kerry Kittles name is going on around here? I mean, it was inevitable, considering I already posted about the awfulness that was headed our way. But to see it in action- the colors, the claustrophobia, everything is just plain bad. I am reminded of elementary school, when the Trapper Keeper took hold. At first, there was just a slobbery dog ripping apart a baseball on the cover. Then our friends at Mead added a ruler inside. Then the ruler was curved to serve as a protractor. Then, I don't know, a digital clock inside? Whatever it was, things were just added for the purpose of adding more things.

Facebook seems to be taking this same approach. I looked at my screen and couldn't think of one post or group on there I care about. Hey, Julie wants to go somewhere fun! And so does Tu Ahn, whoever the hell that is. Two friends have pieces of flair. Kill me.

Let the backlash begin in 5...4...3...


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