Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lily Allen

Say what you want about Lily Allen, but the girl can write a tune. I cut her some slack for her antics because she's British. They have a different way of doing things over there, and because I only understand half of it, I'll only blame her for half of her actions.

Here is the half I like:

"She may be flying high but feisty Lily Allen has brought her poor tour manager down to earth with a great big bump. The singer laid into the cheeky scamp for sitting next to her in business class without her permission.

She read him the riot act at 30,000ft and told him: “I’m the boss here.”
But this wasn’t our Lily letting success get to her head and throwing some diva-like tantrum. No, the star – currently promoting her new album It’s Not Me It’s You – wanted to save the prized seat for her “employee of the week”.

Allen was unaware that as the star and meal ticket, she could decide who she seats in business class. Sure, this isn't exactly a Mother Teresa move, but it does highlight how odd it must be to answer to a 23 year-old boss.

Friend Of Mine (Explicit Version) - Lily Allen

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